About Us

Not For Ponies has a thing for indulgent colours, bold prints, quirky graphics and playful themes. Collections are fun, fabulous and designed to help you express yourself in a quirky way. The collections are designed in the North of England, and made in small batches with lots of TLC.

Our Story

Not For Ponies was founded in 2009. It grew from a bohemian market stall that travelled festivals and art fairs across the UK into a successful independent streetwear label. The brand was born out of its founder's love of vibrant, clashing colours, jazzy prints, nostalgia and weird stuff. 

The label has been featured in national magazines, worn by celebrities, appeared on Sky TV’s Milkshake and ITV’s This Morning.

Today, still true to its roots, Not For Ponies showcases seasonal collections that reflect its founder’s passion for all things cute, kooky, happy and humorous. And, just like the day the brand was built, each item is designed and handmade in small batches.



Photography credits: Wendy Jane Cann Photography and Bohemia Baker Street